Goa-The Official Party Hub

Though it has been said that Goa offers a variety of tourist attractions, not many people can resist the lure of a fair Goa. With hotels ranging from expensive to budget-friendly, the choice is really all yours to make.
Goa was conceived as a “fair” or a “playground” of sorts, so the timing of the hotels and the nature of the accommodation are also significant. Here are the four main timings that suit the tourists most.

Goa Beach

The best time to visit Goa is from mid-December to mid January. Since the entire country is made of many scenic locations, Goa remains a popular destination for honeymoon couples and family holidays.Each hotel offers a range of facilities at different prices. What’s important here is the value of the trip and the timings of the hotels. The beach holiday is the most popular during these months, since the resorts offer accommodations at various amenities.

There are several factors that affect the timings of Goa. Some of them are the weather, the season and the popularity of the destination. For example, you can find a beach holiday in Goa from November onwards but the best place to spend your time is to the north of the state.
Seasonal schedules are also a matter of concern. According to people from the south of the state, if you want to go for a low-key honeymoon or a romantic trip, then the peak season should be in March and April. Some of the hotels at Cidade de Goa and Calangute offer wonderful time to vacation at a lower cost. Other choices include August and September.

The Official Party Hub Timing

Time of year and season are the other vital factors for the timings of the hotels. If you are coming for a major festival like Carnival or the Christmas celebration, then the timings of the hotels and resorts may change for a long time.

Though a major departure from the normal timings of Goa, there are some hotels in Goa that stay open for twenty-four hours. Since these are luxury hotels, the rates are a bit higher than the standard ones.
If you plan to have a family holiday or honeymoon, then the timings of the hotels in Goa will vary depending on the kind of trip you are planning. It’s not recommended to book in advance. On the other hand, it is not impossible to book online, particularly when you have some flexibility.

Timings vary according to the season. Though the standard timings are fixed for two months, the price of the rooms and the services vary according to the location of the resort.

The cost per person will also vary according to the number of people who are traveling with you. Therefore, the most important thing is to book ahead so that you can maximize your budget.
The best way to book hotels in Goa is to get an accommodation deal online. A lot of reliable online travel agencies offer quality accommodation and services and also provide you a big discount for booking online.